Friday, 23 March 2012

Rhos Wdig ( In the dark )

Met Walrus at the Moor at 7p.m. to test out our bat detectors & see what we could find there.Initially we were met with a few spots of rain which literally dampened our spirits but we'd give it a go anyway, Walrus deciding " It wasn't proper rain"!Straight away we had a large Bat patrolling along the road bank being heard best on 20Khz , on consulting the handy leaflet received with the machine Noctule seemed best bet.It was joined by another & they flew back & forth along the bank giving good views in the half light.Next up was a Common Pipistrelle , used to them had them the last few days over the garden.We then moved up to the far bridge having the occasional pass over when a bat appeared right in front of us as if coming to check us over & emitting a weird whistling sound to which Walrus reaction was " What the bloody hell was that ", we both registered it on 80Khz , i made a suggestion but would have to check up later. All the action from then on was by a bat(s) registering loudest around the 50Khz mark which were probably Long Eared & the rain got a bit heavier so we headed back for the cars.On consultation with someone who knows & listening to sounds on the web Greater Horseshoe seems likely for the whistler! Can't wait to get out again.