Sunday, 29 April 2012

Flagpoles 16.00

Following Richards efforts at Strumble this morning i decided a quick walk of the dog was in order to find that storm blown major rarity at the flagpoles. A total of 4 Herring Gulls & 10 Oystercatchers & a complete soaking for my trouble , the harbour as i've not seen it before you could actually have used a surfboard effectively ! Bella loves her walks but there was no dragging her heels to get back to the car on this occasion. Hopefully when this clears it will have left something good to be found.

I'm very grateful to Richard for agreeing to post his stuff here , his dedicated Strumble seawatches during the autumn are one of  the mainstays of the recording efforts & solidly back the effort to uphold the tradition built up over the years by GHR & others.

Isn't that top pic of the Lighthouse just amazing!