Sunday, 1 July 2012

Bird Report 2011

Pembs. Bird Report 2011 now available. ( Details on Pembs Bird Blog on how to get it ).

As mentioned on Pembs blog the number of records being sent in is decreasing for a variety of reasons , which may be understandable i.e. If you've put it on a blog , submitted it to Birdtrack & even passed it on to  Birding News site then reporting it for inclusion in a Bird Report some months later could well be overlooked. However as noted at the back of the report , on the
7th September , 4 Great shearwaters were seen passing Strumble Head & the news reported , yet no descriptions were received for these birds therefore nothing will be in the records for what should have been the max day count of the year. My suggestion is this , especially for birds from Strumble Head where the chances of a picture of any birds turning up is almost certainly nil. If you witness a description bird passing Strumble Head or anywhere else , even if you haven't " called it " but agree with the identification put together a description & pass it on to the Bird Recorders.

Here endeth the lesson.