Friday, 19 October 2012

Strumble Head ( Bonapartes ) & Fishguard Harbour 19th Oct.

On arriving at Strumble it was evident there were many gulls, the majority Black Headed feeding in a very close tide race no more than 200m offshore. "You never know ", i thought to myself. Within approx. 5 minutes i picked up the Adult Bonapartes Gull in the flock , had good views of the clean white underwing & even it's pale pink legs on a couple of occasions as it dip fed. News out & DJA & PKG made it up to Strumble picking up the bird on the sea on the far side of Mackeral Rock with reasonable views of it's black beak, head pattern & upperpart colouring obtained.

A trip round to Fishguard Harbour was next as the birds were leaving Strumble in that direction. No "Bonies" but the Ad. Little Gull, 3 Ad. Meds, Great Crested Grebe & 7 Pale Bellied Brents.