Friday, 3 May 2013

Ferry good Fishguard ferry report and Porpoise soup at Strumble..

Sea Trust veteran Steve Rossser and new girl Hannah Harries were joined by Dawn and Lloyd Nelmes for what turned out to be a pretty good survey aboard the Stena Europe Wed/Thurs...
Lots of Porpoises , some Common Dolphins as well as our first Minke Whale of the year! To say they were happy is possibly the understatement of the year,well done all!
In their excitement they all forgot to take photo's so heres one Steve took earlier!(in the Hebredes). The Common  Dolphins below were from the ferry, so obviously Steve finds small targets easier than big ones in the Irish Sea!

Perhaps more mundanely, I had to wait until yesterday afternoon for my cetacean fix of  porpoises at Strumble with Wdigbirder and Hannah. It was one of those special days when the sea was calm and porpoises could be seen near and far including mothers with calves, animals logging, and also breaching , not that mundane on reflection.
We have a porpoise watch at Strumble 2-4 pm bank holiday Monday  afternoon, all welcome... lets hope the porp's and weather oblige us then!