Sunday, 10 November 2013

Fishguard Harbour/ Breakwater this afternoon...

A quick look at the outer breakwater today revealed no cetaceans but a couple of interesting bird sightings.
Firstly towards the end of the breakwater three snow buntings flew up onto the wall. I struggled to get my camera turned it on and all three were posing on the wall. I then went to take the pic' and the words "SD card locked" appeared in the viewfinder. "Drat" I said.
By the time I got the card out, unlocked it and replaced it there was only one left...

On the way out I noticed a strange squadron of birds flying high above the cliffs. I stopped the car jumped out and turned on the camera and this time managed to fire off a shot at the specks in the sky

which turned out to be a kite and several corvids. I suppose we could try to "string" it as a black Kite!The strange squadron continued in formation heading east over the harbour like a bomber with a fighter escort!