Saturday, 2 January 2016

Strumble surprises and keeps on giving!

Although I was looking for cetaceans today it was slow going to start with and as usual it was the birds that kept the interest going. These Cormorants attracted our attention the nearest one was struggling to eat something which at first looked to be an octopus.   

But... having examined the pic's I took, the "octopus" looks rather like a bunch of squid eggs! Now to birdy people this may seem quite insignificant but to someone who is interested in trying to understand why Strumble has been attracting Risso's Dolphins for many years, it was a bit of a eureka moment! Risso's Dolphins eat squid and here we had positive proof of squid and Risso's both being around at Strumble at the same time, prey and predator.

Loads of Scoter were passing by, a couple of largish groups sorry for lack of quality but pretty distant its only an estimate but I would have said around fifty+ 

Seven  divers passed by heading west and two heading east and odd ones on the water but none close enough to positively ID

Next surprise was  a flock of six shellduck not a rare bird but not seen that often at Strumble.

An otter was the next surprise swimming by under our noses spotted by a Dutch volunteer Stijn.

Not exactly a surprise as we have been seeing Risso's reasonably frequently recently but it was the reason for us all being there ...

Good old Strumble, not always easy but always worth spending time there! happy New Year.. so far so good!