Monday, 25 April 2016

Kite invasion of Fishguard Harbour (sort of)

It is interesting that in the latter part of the 1990's  our friend, the late Stewart Devonald whose Pembrokeshire Bird List was the biggest, had not as yet seen a Red Kite in the county. Not quite a couple of decades later, they are almost commonplace. None the less, I was pretty excited to see three of them floating and flapping about over the harbour. It was not easy to get them in one shot,apologies for the quality but as record shots they do the job

They were around for at least half an hour causing me to run out of a meeting and distracting me with the view through the Ocean Lab windows with their aerobatics when I returned to the the meeting. Two seemed to be together the third was keeping its distance and seemed to be slightly wary of the others. All very intriguing was this some sort of movement or a  young pair prospecting with an interloper. Maybe three youngsters banished from their parents territory

Well maybe by invasion standards a pretty small invasion but I bet it would have seemed quite a big one to Stewart!