Sunday, 8 January 2017

Breakwater Waders, maneuvers in the dark.

It hardly seemed to get light today in the drizzle and dreek but by the time we got out on the outer breakwater just after 4 pm it was pretty dark. I expected little but the dog needed a walk and you never know there could have been a couple of Orca's leaping about out there! (in my dreams!)
Anyhow i got down the end by the glowing green light and a squeeky little call alerted me to a ringed plover on one of the blocks. A bit more scrutiny and a dark blob protruding off the edge of another block, lo and behold a purple sandpiper. Ever the optimist i nipped back to the car for my camera. The ringed plover was still obvious but the purple sand had disappeared. I snapped the RP and then began maneuvering around to get a view of the purple sandpiper in the rapidly failing light. I was beginning to think i must have imagined it but just as i was about to call it of the purple sandpiper popped up on the angle of a block. Incredibly despite the dismal conditions, the camera still gave me a record shot of the first Purple Sandpiper of this winter!