Sunday, 27 August 2017

Different Day out in the Celtic Deep.

I was interested and delighted to read Richard Stonier's account of his day at Strumble as we were out in the Celtic Deep between thirty and sixty miles away from Strumble. We also had lots of Common Dolphins (getting on for about a thousand during our 100 nautical mile voyage so in a way Strumble beat us on dolphins per mile!)   
However what struck me, was the lack of anything other then the kind of bread and butter sea birds one might expect out there at this time of the year, such as Gannets, Manxies and Auks.  Around a dozen European Storm Petrels were encountered and I did check them as far as possible but sadly none of Rich's  Scilly Wilson's had migrated this far far as I could see! I would usually expect the odd sooty out there and maybe the odd Bonxie with a good chance of terns or other skuas but nothing, zilch! I did spot a small looking tern as we motored into the haven but  by then I was a bit knackered and did not give it the attention I perhaps should have! Interestingly If i remember right our GHR's WWBT was similarity spotted on a pretty windless day!