Tuesday, 30 January 2018

All comes to he who waits!

My first ever Great White Egret was seen from my room on holiday ranch in the Camargue, that incredible Mediterranean salt marsh in southern France in the 1990's. I was thrilled, it was an extremely impressive bird and only a very rare visitor to the UK.
It seems they now breed in Somerset and Norfolk in very small numbers but when a large unmistakable white heron flew over the road off the sea/beach and onto Goodwick Moor I was in no doubt as to what it was. I swerved into the flagpoles car park grabbed my camera and went off in the hope of getting some pic's. I was lucky it was showing well on the seawards side of the moor beside the reedy drain. Sadly despite my use of the incredible 60 x zoom it obviously felt vulnerable and flew off into the further reaches of the reed bed on the SW edge of the moor.A chance meeting with an old friend after 20 years in my own "back -yard...