Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Khao Nor Chuchi ( KNC )

About an hours drive south from Krabi is the hallowed area of forest that is the Khao Nor Chuchi National Park. Home to many avian specialities of the region, this was to be our home for the next 2 days where we would hopefully connect with a few of them. Firstly you need somewhere to stay so we booked a night at the Morakot Resort, not as posh as it sounds but adequate for our needs for the one night. The next item on the agenda being that we would need a guide.This turned out to be a bit more tricky as they are few & far between & nearly fully booked to the Bird Tour holiday companies Wildwings, Ornitholidays etc.One guide actually said he didn't do it anymore as KNC was too hard !  However after the swapping of many e-mails before we left the UK & the use of the FREE internet at the Dee Andaman Hotel, as arranged our guide Yotin Meekaeo duly arrived at the pre arranged time of 05.30 to collect us.
To say Yotin is a skilled jungle operator is probably one of the biggest ornithological understatements anyone could make, him & his birdfinder named Nohk ( bird in Thai language who creeps around the forest invisibly ) are a complete necessity for the success of a trip to KNC, i can honestly say without them we would probably have seen NOTHING !

To secure Yotin's services you can contact him on:
66 081 539 6157


Yotin Meekaeo & the Morakot Resort.