Sunday, 17 February 2013

Thailand 2013

This years Wdigbirder Tour overshot the usual early part of the year destination of Goa, we decided to head to Thailand to hopefully catch up with some of the special birds that it has to offer.All booked independantly via the Internet the itinery was as follows:

Fly to Bangkok, spend 2 nights.
Take another short flight down to Krabi in the south, spend 5 nights.
While in Krabi have an excursion into the forest to Khao Nor Chuchi for 2 days spending 1 night at the Morakot Resort.
Return to Krabi then move a short distance to Aonang for the last 5 nights.


If you haven't been then put a short visit on your to do list, i've never been to a city like it. We stayed at the Hotel Citrus, quite smart with a swimming pool on the roof which unfortunately we didn't get time to use. After a trip to a Floating Market we then came back to Bangkok & had a look around Lumphini Park, a very busy park with people going about all sorts of business but some good birds were to be found.The tall building is the Thai Bank headquarters.