Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Goodwick 6th Dec 2016. ( Nitemare ! )

Walked Bella down to Goodwick & jokingly said to Carole " Not going to take the camera cos if I do the Firecrest ( Which I had a few days earlier ) won't show ".
Reached the part of the path where it comes out by The Seagulls Rugby Pitch & low & behold there's a noticeable White Bird at the other end of the pitch, Interesting I thought.
Raised the bins & looked at the bird, Egret obviously, check the beak, pale Yellow, checked again, definitely Yellow, size not Heron size ....Cattle Egret.
Spent the next minute ( I know, glasses at home ) putting out my group text, look up & yes, it's gone with seconds later a very nice man with his dog coming along the path saying " Did you see that bird it was an Egret, it flew off towards the Moor ". Fortunately seconds later it appeared above us, must have just set down close by for a minute & appeared to fly off to back end of Moor. While speaking to someone on the phone a minute later the bird appeared & flew to another area on the moor &  then flew again & appeared to fly out of view to the Southwest. ( Nitemare 2 )
Walked across to the Flagpoles & there's an Egret, put the text out again ( it's back ), look at the bird, it's a Little Egret. ( Nitemare 3 but regular at Flagpoles ). I'll leave it up to anyone who is remotely interested to form their own opinion, but his sort of situation doesn't bode well for claiming a record.

The Firecrest didn't show either !