Sunday, 14 May 2017

Strumble Head (14 May 17) - Bee-Eater!

My usual circuit around the headland saw me positioned at the old Coastguard and scanning (from the gateway) over the two seeded fields, fences and wires just in case the RFF had returned.

At 1054 I heard a call - twice - "quip", "quip".  Quite faint and I thought... is that a plover calling?  Then another "quip"... brain into gear, I know what that is!  Quick look up and there is a solitary Bee-Eater hawking towards me and not that high up.  It then circled around to the East of my position, heading north past me.  I then lost it as it flew around the back of the coastguard hill.  It may have been following the coastline westwards.

A thorough scan of the telegraph wires over the next hour did not relocate the bird.

(Oh and no sign of the RFF this morning).