Saturday 30 November 2013

Flagpoles 14.30

Two kittiwakes sitting on the groin nearest the inner breakwater was a bit of a surprise, not as much though as the small pale wader flushed from close in on the sea that jinked out & was lost to view somewhere between the two breakwaters. My instinct tells me it was a Grey Phalarope which hopefully has not gone too far & will show up again.

Wednesday 27 November 2013


Cage back in place for the winter to stop the gulls, Jackdaws ( & Bella ! ) from clearing the food in two seconds. it still allows the Starlings & Blackbird sized species in though.

Sunday 24 November 2013

Fuerteventura 16th - 23rd Nov.

My third visit so didn't chase about to get everything. My guess for the spec of a raptor is Booted Eagle with Stone Curlew & Southern grey shrike the other two. open to suggestions re. the ducks ?

Boat Trip.

Had to get in at least one trip out to sea, the Cory's was expected the Sooty not !

Winter Thrushes

At Pen Anglas this morning over 200 Redwing and 150 Fieldfares  all heading north, also 2 Yellowhammer and a flock of 60+ Linnet.

Sunday 17 November 2013


13 Tufted Duck, 2 Goldeneye, 3 Wigeon, 10 Teal, 6 Little Grebe, 12 Coot were present on Rosebush Reservoir this morning.

Wigeon at the Flagpoles

There was a lone drake wigeon in company with 2 curlew, 2 redshank and about 6 turnstone at the Flagpoles this evening.

Friday 15 November 2013


A first winter and four adult Mediterranean Gulls on foreshore at half tide.

A blizzard of Snow Buntings...

A visit to the outer breakwater, Fishguard Harbour turned up a bit of a surprise when at least twelve Snow Buntings flew up off the roadway in front of my car. I tried to get photo's of them all but they were pretty spooky and would not let me get close! The ones on the ground were at least fifty yards away! 

Saturday morning: All gone!

Thursday 14 November 2013


A Woodcock crossing the road in Hottipass Street Fishguard this afternoon,a bit of an unexpected sight.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Barn Owl

Tonight a Barn Owl sitting on a post by the turn off for Llanychaer on the A487.

Strumble Head 13th Nov.

A very short watch incorporating the dog walk.

Time: 11.15 - 12.00
Weather: Cloudy
Wind: SW 3/4

Common Scoter - 16 ( All Males )

In the very breezy & cold conditions still a few Stonechats & Meadow Pipits. At least 2 Song Thrushes right at the head & 2 Mistle Thrushes seen at Trefeshig on the way back.

Sunday 10 November 2013

Fishguard Harbour/ Breakwater this afternoon...

A quick look at the outer breakwater today revealed no cetaceans but a couple of interesting bird sightings.
Firstly towards the end of the breakwater three snow buntings flew up onto the wall. I struggled to get my camera turned it on and all three were posing on the wall. I then went to take the pic' and the words "SD card locked" appeared in the viewfinder. "Drat" I said.
By the time I got the card out, unlocked it and replaced it there was only one left...

On the way out I noticed a strange squadron of birds flying high above the cliffs. I stopped the car jumped out and turned on the camera and this time managed to fire off a shot at the specks in the sky

which turned out to be a kite and several corvids. I suppose we could try to "string" it as a black Kite!The strange squadron continued in formation heading east over the harbour like a bomber with a fighter escort!

Friday 8 November 2013

Great Northern Diver 8th Nov.

I suppose not unexpected considering the close proximity to the sea, a Great Northern Diver over Fishguard seen from the house this morning.

Sunday 3 November 2013

Strumble Head (03 Nov 13)

Time: 0645 - 1500
Weather: Sunny spells.
Wind: WNW (F9-8) (am) then SW (F7-6) (pm)

Sooty Shearwater - 2
Balearic Shearwater - 2
Blue Fulmar - 1
Great Skua - 75
Arctic Skua - 8 (4P, 3D, 1J)
Pomarine Skua - 3 (2P, 1J)
Long Tailed Skua - 6 (J)
Storm Petrel - 1
Leach's Petrel - 2
Grey Phalarope - 2
Comic Tern - 5 (Probably all Arctic)
Mediterranean Gull - 2 (1stW)
Little Gull - 1 (Ad)
Great Northern Diver - 18
Red Throated Diver - 1
Great Crested Grebe - 1
Common Scoter - 21 (19M, 2F)
Pale Bellied Brent Goose - 39
Grey Plover - 1

Common Porpoise - 3

Saturday 2 November 2013

Strumble Head (02 Nov 13)

Storm 10 and sea state Very Rough or High.....Does it get any better than this!